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Preparing for your new, beautiful wall bed delivery can be an exciting time filled with anticipation, but what installation tips do you need exactly in order to make sure your home is ready? At Wallbeds “n” More here in Phoenix, Arizona, we want to help you get ready to welcome your new piece of furniture by eliminating any possible stress. Just follow these handy suggestions to ready your home for your special wall bed delivery! 

Clean Up and Get Organized for Your Wall Bed Delivery

Your new wall bed unit will be bolted to the wall and will obviously cover part of the floor in the room you choose to have it installed in. If you are getting new carpet or flooring, it’s best to do that ahead of time. While your Murphy bed can be installed before carpet delivery, tile and wood floors must be installed and completed before installation occurs. If you’re not changing your flooring, make sure you deep clean your carpet and or vacuum and mop your tile, wood, or laminate flooring to avoid trapping dirt or dust under or around your new wallbed. 

Wiping down the wall with a damp cloth will ensure it’s as clean as possible when installation occurs and organizing closets and drawers will assure everything is picked up off the floor and stored in its proper place.

Match Your Paint to Your New Wallbed

At Phoenix Wallbeds “n” More we offer a wide variety of wood finishes and colors to complement any home’s paint job and interior design scheme. Simply bring in a chip of paint or color swatch when ordering your custom Murphy bed, and we can help you find the best wallbed wood type, style, and finish to complement the paint color of your room and flooring.

Measure Twice, Order Once

Because each wall bed is custom-made by our artisan craftsmen and women, we can ensure that your Murphy bed is built to the precise specifications of your room. All you need to do is take accurate measurements of your space and bring them in when ordering! Whether you have shorter ceilings and are looking for a horizontal Murphy bed to make the room feel larger, or vaulted ceilings and are searching for a vertical wallbed to fill the space, our expert designers can assist you in planning the overall layout of your room. When you take measurements be sure to record:

  • the dimensions of the room itself
  • the dimensions between corners and windows
  • closet doors
  • window height
  • other built-in furniture the installation team will need to work around. 

Measure twice to make sure you have accurate numbers, and we’ll do the rest!

Out With The Old Before Wall Bed Delivery

Unless you have built-in cabinets or furniture within the room, you will want to move out existing furniture to give our installation crew the maximum amount of room to work. Each Wallbeds “n” More Murphy bed furniture unit is delivered and installed without you having to lift a finger. Moving out old furniture will not only allow you to clean the room more thoroughly, but will make it easier for technicians to install your new wall bed quickly and efficiently. 

While the furniture is out of the room, plan what you’ll keep and what will be given away. At Wallbeds “n” More in Phoenix, we have plenty of accent furniture, rugs, and decor items to help you refresh your entire room!

Choose a Mattress

The most important part of your wallbed delivery is making sure your bed is ready! Every single one of our custom Murphy beds is sold separately from mattresses. This is done purposefully, so that each customer can choose the perfect mattress for their comfort level. Whether you prefer a soft and squishy bed or a much firmer place to sleep, you can try out each one of the mattresses in our showroom and select the one that feels best for you. Our wallbed frames are specially made to hold mattresses up to 11” thick, which means you can even swap in your favorite existing mattress if it’s 11” or less.

Customize and Accessorize  

At Wallbeds “n” More we offer not only a variety of wood types and finishes but also many choices when it comes to hardware on a wallbed as well. Whether your crystal door knobs or silver drawer poles, brass curtain rods or gold closet door handles, at our showroom we can introduce you to our full line of choices and make your wallbed come alive with beautiful hardware and accessories. We also sell other room accessories such as rugs and chairs, and our interior design specialist can help you create a stylish, beautiful space to complement your new furniture.

Professional Wall bed Delivery

When our team of installation experts arrive, all you have to do is tell them in which room you would like your wall bed, and they will get right to work. Our quick, safe, and easy installation process means you don’t have to worry about lifting heavy furniture or scuffing or denting it on the way in. By using our pre installation tips above, you are setting our installation team up for success. They will take special care to make sure your furniture arrives unscathed and is safely affixed to the wall so that you don’t have to do anything but enjoy your new Murphy bed.

Come Visit Our Showroom!

With these handy installation tips, a showroom full of customizable options, and a professional wall bed delivery team, Wallbeds “n” More in Phoenix is the premier location to buy your new wall bed unit. In fact, we have more wallbed options than many retailers in the entire nation. We will walk you through the process from start to finish and remind you of the final step while waiting for your delivery… getting excited about your beautiful new piece of furniture!

Without a doubt, your brand new wallbed will maximize the space in your home and simultaneously complement your personal style.  Visit us at 4729 E. Ray Road #2 in Phoenix, Arizona. We are also available for any questions or concerns by calling (480) 658-0599. Let us help you rejuvenate your home with an innovative new wall bed today!