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As students all over the country go back to school this fall, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is for them to have a workspace of their very own at home. Studies show that students perform better overall, are motivated to do their schoolwork, and have higher success in school with support at home… and that includes a designated space and time to do their homework, read, and study. At Wallbeds “n” More in Phoenix, Arizona we want to help you get your kids back to school right and set them up for a successful school year ahead with a murphy bed Desk!

Choose a Murphy Bed Desk or Table: 

Depending on the age of your child, the size of the room, and the types of projects here she will be doing, choose a Murphy bed with a built-in desk or table to maximize their workspace. If you want a pull-down table that folds down easily from the bottom of the bed to do projects and homework, the Euro Table Bed might be the perfect fit for your child. This wallbed table combination is perfect for elementary aged kids needing a large surface area to complete creative projects, poster boards, and worksheets. The spacious tabletop is a bonus on the weekends when kids can use it for puzzles, Legos, crafts, or games.

Additionally, with the Euro Table Bed, the fact that they have to clean up before they can pull their bed down to go to sleep is great motivation to put their supplies away each day and keep the room neat and tidy. 

Custom Storage Options for a Murphy Bed Desk Combination

The Euro Table Bed also happens to come with Murphy bed storage options such as bookcases and drawers so that kids can arrange their home library to easily find a book for nightly reading. Storage features like cabinets also allow them to store their school supplies somewhere easily within reach yet organized nicely out of sight.

Sophisticated Murphy Bed Style for Older Kids

If you want a wall bed desk combination with a slightly more sophisticated feel for older students you could try our Deluxe Desk Wallbed furniture unit. The Deluxe Desk Wallbed include a desk that folds that fits nicely into the bottom of the bed.  Your child or teenager can utilize the desk as a computer station or somewhere to work on homework or study. The desk can also come equipped with USB ports and electrical outlets to charge phones, laptops, and other electronics. With built-in drawers and shelving units, the blank model is a great place to store textbooks, supplies, and materials along with cupboards that can conceal things like Wi-Fi routers, cables, and printers. Shelves can also store extra ink and printer paper so that you and your child are never unpleasantly surprised by running out the night before a project is due. T

Murphy Bed Desks with Cabinets

Adding wood cabinet doors to any model can help the space look tidy, while if you choose to use them to showcase awards and trophies and collectibles, the glass cabinet can add a beautiful decorative touch to your child’s room. Customize them with ambient lighting to highlight important awards or spotlight artwork or photographs of family and friends. 

Academic Motivation and Focus

Having a separate special place for your child to do homework, study, and read leads to improvement in their school success year after year. Children who read regularly and kids who have a quiet space to do their homework show:

  • Improved focus
  • Enhanced concentration over longer periods of time
  • More motivation to complete work
  • A sense of pride over their space,
  • A routine that helps build success

Set Your Child up for Success with a Wallbed Desk!

At Wallbeds “n” More in Phoenix we believe every student can be successful with the right environment and support. Setting your child up with a Murphy bed desk combination  is a fantastic way to start the school year off right. Because our Murphy beds are built locally with high-quality materials, they are made to last. Your elementary student will be able to enjoy and utilize his or her wall bed desk or wall bed table throughout his or her academic career, and if you have an older teenager, the wallbed desk can’t even be unbolted from the wall and moved with them to an apartment!

Come See Us in Our Phoenix Showroom!

There’s no better way to get your child excited about getting into a new homework routine than taking them with you to pick out their new wall bed desk combo at Wallbeds “n” More. Come into our showroom together to take a look at all of the stylish, functional options to add space and dual functionality to your home. Have your child help pick out their mattress’s comfort level as well since all of our mattress mattresses are sold separately from our wall bed frames. Whether you choose a twin size Murphy bed, a full-size wall bed, or a larger queen size Murphy bed desk, we have enough customization and friendly employees to help you and your child create the perfect workspace in your home.