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A Murphy bed with built-in cabinets is the ideal piece of furniture to maximize the space in your home and simultaneously add a seamless organization system. 

At Wallbeds “n” More in Phoenix, Arizona we have expertise in designing and building custom-made Murphy bed furniture with cabinets that enhance the design and layout of any room in your home. Your furniture should make your life less stressful, more organized, and more comfortable, and at Wallbeds “n” More in Phoenix, we take pride in helping you do just that!

Organizing Your Space Efficiently

Wallbed cabinets are perfect in both bedrooms and offices as they are great at making rooms look neat and tidy while hiding unappealing items such as computer cords, wifi routers, or other messy-looking fixtures. 

When used in an office space, a Murphy bed can utilize cabinets to cover equipment such as a printer so there is the ease of access when the room is being used for work, but the printer remains hidden out of sight when the area transforms into a guest room. 

If you’re looking to do the opposite of hiding unsightly items and instead want to display collectibles, books, or artwork, we can switch the solid wood cabinet doors for glass ones. This not only allows for beautifully elegant display space but also protects your collectibles from being touched or accidentally falling off of the shelves. 

If you choose to have glass-front cabinets installed we highly recommend adding some ambient lighting fixtures to your wallbed with cabinets so that photos, pieces of art, or any collectibles being displayed can be spotlighted. 

Multip Purpose Cabinets for Your Murphy Beds

Cabinets are also a delightful, unexpected place to add any kind of holiday items such as Easter eggs or Christmas presents. We’ve seen our clients use their Murphy bed cabinets in all sorts of creative ways, even sending their children or partner on a special scavenger hunt for a birthday or anniversary. Simply hide different clues in each cabinet of the Murphy bed unit, and watch your loved ones have fun discovering them. Because they have to not only search the house but open a cabinet door, there is an extra element of surprise added to an already exciting activity. This also reveals your thoughtfulness in creating fun and the anticipation of a gift for a special someone. 

Murphy bed cabinets are a perfect addition for a children’s bedroom or in the main suite. If you choose to add a wardrobe-size cabinet to your unit, that becomes a great space-saving area to store toys, clothes, or other items. Drawers can be added below the cabinets in many of the units to hold personal care items or amenities for guests, so that they remain accessible and convenient anytime they are needed. 

Finding Your Perfect Murphy Bed Addition

This use of cabinets avoids clutter and allows you to store the materials out of sight when they are not needed, which makes your room look cleaner and more spacious on the whole. 

Our cabinet wall beds at Phoenix Wallbeds “n” More come in a variety of designs, sizes, wood types, and finishes. You can choose solid doors in different stains or paints depending on the Murphy bed model that you like best. The rest of the unit can easily be customized as well. You may choose cabinets on just one side of the unit if you have a very small space, or if the size of your room allows for cabinets on both sides, we can create a more uniform, symmetrical look. Our Murphy beds with cabinets come in twin, full, or queen-sized models which are perfect for overnight guests.

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At Wallbeds ‘n More in Phoenix, Arizona we look forward to helping you choose the type of wall bed that suits your budget and meets your needs at the very same time. You can take a look on our website at the large variety of models that come with cabinet doors, and you can also view those models that come with cabinet doors and other features like desk and drawer combinations.

When you have your selection narrowed down, you can either place your order online in order to save time, or you can make an appointment to visit one of our showrooms near you. If you choose to make an appointment, one of our experienced, knowledgeable associates can assist you in trying out the different beds in our showroom and exploring all of the customization options available. 

We want to make the shopping experience simple and enjoyable, giving you the very highest in professional service. Give us a call at (480) 658-0599 or stop into our Wallbeds “n” More showroom from 10am-5pm Tuesday through Saturday.