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At Wallbeds “n” More in Phoenix, Arizona all of our Murphy beds are designed to maximize the space in your home, but what if that space is extra small to begin with? That is where one of our amazing sofa wall bed options can help!

Some of our more traditional Murphy beds are what people think of when they are trying to decide if a wallbed is the right fit for their house, but in a small apartment or studio space it can even be challenging to fit a standard queen or king-size model. 

Sofa wall beds are exactly what they sound like, Murphy bed-style sleeping areas that fold up into a piece of living room furniture! Because of their compact size and their ability to be freestanding anywhere in a room without corner features such as an L-shaped desk, they are often the ideal choice for the very smallest of spaces.

Sofa Wall Bed Against Wall - Wallbeds n More Phoenix

Sofa Wall Bed Size Options 

At Wallbeds “n” More in Phoenix our sofa Murphy beds come in a full size or queen size, but we recommend people with very tiny homes choose the full. 

Picking A Great Mattress for Your Sofa Murphy Bed

Because we know that not everyone has the same sleeping preference when it comes to mattress firmness, at Wallbeds “n” More, we always sell our mattresses separate from our Murphy bed furniture units. 

With the Murphy sofa you can choose any of the following mattresses to complement your new bed frame: 

  • The Calming Haven
  • The Serene Sky Plush
  • The Serene Sky Firm
  • The Nestled Night
  • The Elkins Euro Top
  • The Sheep Retreat

Whether you need a very firm support system or a plush mattress, you can mix-and-match our Murphy beds with a large variety of mattress selections so that you can sleep comfortably each and every night.

Living Room Furniture, Disguised In Space Saving Options

Murphy sofa beds are perfect for living areas because they are functional and can seamlessly blend into your living room or common area. Especially for people who do not have frequent guests but want a place for them to stay if the need should arrise, a sofa wallbed can work beautifully in a front room and no one will ever know that it’s actually a fold up guest suite until it’s time to go to bed! 

Sofa Wall Bed Customizations Available

At Wallbeds “n” More in Phoenix we offer a full range of customizations for your Murphy sofa bed including different types of stains and finishes along with custom hardware. We are even able to add electrical outlets or USB ports to the Murphy couch bed so that you can plug in on the go and stay connected. 

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