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If you’ve ever heard of a mother-in-law unit, you may be wondering what exactly it is and if a wallbed would be an appropriate piece of furniture for such a space. A mother-in-law quarters doesn’t necessarily need to house one’s mother-in-law! It is simply a term referring to a guest suite or a separate cottage on one’s main property where a guest or family member can reside either permanently or for a shorter visit . 

Have A Space Ready for Your In-Laws In Seconds!

The term mother-in-law unit came from the common practice of having one’s in-laws move-in to be near or receive additional support and care from the family during their elder years. However, over the years, mother-in-law quarters have become perfect for a variety of other uses such as hosting friends or family from out of town during summer vacation or holidays, renting out the space as an Airbnb to make extra income, or even just having a separate area to host parties, function as a space for a game room or man cave, host teenagers birthday parties, or even be a pool house for an outdoor area. Regardless of how you choose to use your mother-in-law quarters, an extra space like this is vital to any busy home because it provides a bit of privacy and independence for any individual or guest staying on the property. 

Why Choose a Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed that pulls from the wall is a perfect piece of furniture to use in a mother-in-law suite because it maximize a small space and adds both style and functionality to any room. Adding a wall bed with a Murphy bed bookshelf or wall bed cabinets can provide extra storage space for when guests come to visit or if a family member is residing in the unit permanently. Drawers, shelves, glass cabinet fronts, solid cabinet fronts, electrical outlets, USB ports, and even accent lighting can be added to enhance the beauty and functionality of the furniture. 

Customize Your Mother in Law Unit Wallbed

Your mother-in-law unit can have an additional wardrobe built onto the Murphy bed so that a room without a closet can suddenly have an easy place to store clothing! If the unit is a studio or an extra small space, you might also decide to choose one of our table wall beds such as our Barrington table bed which offers a table that can be used for dining, crafting, games, or activities. Ifthe room will also be used for office work, a computer station, or a sewing room, you can also choose one of our desk Murphy beds so that you can get extra use out of your new piece of furniture. 

Whether your mother-in-law will actually be living in your mother-in-law quarters or you will have friends and family staying there on vacation, at Wallbeds “n” More in Phoenix you can choose to design the room however you like with a variety of ways to customize your wall bed. You can choose from a myriad of different finish colors and wood options, bed sizes from twin size Murphy beds all the way to queen-size wall beds, and you can even select unique hardware to add beautiful finishing touches to your mother-in-law wallbed.

Visit the Phoenix Showroom

At Wallbeds “n” More in Phoenix, Arizona we want to make sure you get the personalized service you deserve when choosing a new Murphy bed for your space. We offer a gallery online so that you can browse through our many different options and narrow down your choices. You are also welcome to call and make an appointment to come into the store and work with one of our friendly sales associates. He or she will show you around the showroom, demonstrate how easy it is to pull our lightweight wallbeds from the wall and put them back again, help you compare different units, and assist you with customizing your new Murphy bed to meet the needs of your home or mother-in-law cottage. 

Give us a call at (480) 658- 0599. With a Murphy bed from Wallbeds “n” More in Phoenix your guest cottage will be comfy, cozy, and convenient and will enhance your home like you’ve never dreamt before!